How can you get the most out of Baring Cross?


Spiritual maturity does not just happen.  It is a result of intentional commitment and effort. We believe that any believer who desires to move toward spiritual maturity can do so by taking advantage of the various opportunities available through our church. In order for that to be your reality, we believe you must do the following:


  • Attend Worship regularly  

We believe that worship is at the heart of our relationship with the Lord. We believe that our corporate worship is a reflection of our personal worship.  Consequently, we strive to help each member of our body cultivate an attitude and desire for personal worship.  When our body gathers for corporate worship there is an excitement and energy generated because we have already been before the Lord personally.  The power and presence of God is obvious when believers gather to worship Him.  We believe it is a necessary part of moving toward spiritual maturity.


  • Participate in a small group Bible study.

Each Sunday morning we have Life Groups that are age-graded for preschool, children, and youth.  Our adult Life Groups are defined more by life experience.  These groups offer an opportunity to study God’s Word, develop relationships with other believers, minister to the needs of the group, and reach new members assimilating them into our body.  Our Sunday Life Groups provide a key context for moving toward spiritual maturity.

  • Participate in discipleship/spiritual growth small groups.

These small groups, called Community Groups, meet at various times during the week but most often meet on Sunday evenings.  These groups are also designed to develop relationships, minister to the various needs of those in the group, reach new members and provide a context for assimilation of those new members into our body.


We call these groups Community Groups because they are designed to build community within the group and engage the community as a group.  The studies associated with these groups lean toward becoming a fully developed follower of Jesus Christ.  There is a strong missional component to these groups that involves engaging our community with the gospel message.  We encourage each Community Group to develop and carry out mission projects and engage in hands on ministry.  Engaging our community with the good news of Jesus is a significant part of moving toward spiritual maturity.


  • Participate in ministry/mission projects

In addition to the local hands-on missions/ministry opportunities related to our small groups there are other opportunities to participate in hands-on mission and ministry.  These include short-term mission trips and community outreach projects.  A willingness to work alongside other believers in order to make a difference in the lives of those who need the gospel of Jesus Christ is an integral part of moving toward spiritual maturity.


We believe that your commitment in these four ways will establish relationships within our body that will serve to encourage you, challenge you, motivate you, and mature you.

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