Wednesday, June 3

Spread the gospel to the ends of the earth

Read Romans 15:20-21, noticing Paul’s aim.


In Acts 1:8, Jesus outlined the spread of the gospel from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. Paul recognized that God was using him to fulfill that mission. His aim was to evangelize areas where Christ had not been preached. This motivated Paul and gave him a sense of urgency.

As he often did, Paul quoted the Old Testament to underscore the logic—and importance—of his plan. Turning to Isaiah, he noted that individuals who didn’t know God will see and those who had never heard will understand (Isa. 52:15). Many would respond to the gospel if given the opportunity, and Paul wanted to be God’s instrument for giving them that opportunity.

Paul had spent his ministry breaking new ground for the gospel. In fact, one reason he had not yet visited Rome was that he was busy planting churches where none had existed before. So, this was the next reasonable step for him. While we should never downplay the importance of discipling believers, we also should never shy away from proclaiming Him to those who have never heard.

What are the dangers of preaching the gospel only to the people who have already heard it?


What are the dangers of going only to places where people have never heard Jesus’ name?


How do you find a balance in your life?

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