Tuesday, June 2

Christ accomplishes His work through us

Read Romans 15:17-19, underlining the phrase boast in Christ Jesus.

Paul had reason to boast in Christ. The fact is, he knew he had no power of his own. Anything that had been done for God and His kingdom was accomplished through him by Christ. Paul wanted the Romans to know that if they chose to support him, they would be supporting Christ’s work. Paul was doing God’s work, not promoting his own agenda.

Paul demonstrated incredible humility and a keen understanding of what the Christian life is all about. He knew it would be foolish to dare say anything about his own achievements. Paul realized that Christ alone accomplished this work through him. Paul could say, I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ from Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum. This didn’t mean that everyone had heard about Jesus, but that he had completely fulfilled his calling to that point. Jerusalem represents the birthplace of Christianity, while Illyricum was a Roman province between Greece and Italy. Christ’s ministry through Paul had reached from the heart of Judaism to the proverbial outskirts of Rome.

How do you overcome the temptation of taking the credit instead of pointing to Christ?

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