Monday, June 1

Our goal should be to become

more like Jesus 

Read Romans 15:14-16, identifying why Paul felt called to write to the Romans.

Paul confessed that he wrote more boldly to a church he did not plant than one might expect, but his authority as an apostle made it possible. In addition, the grace of God—the unmerited gift he had received through Christ—pushed him to be as clear as possible about these important matters. Whether he was sharing a doctrine that was new to them or simply restating an important truth they had forgotten, it was all part of drawing them closer to Jesus. And it was all part of his goal of helping them to become more like Jesus.


God had called Paul to be a minister of Christ Jesus to the Gentiles. While Peter and others were working among the Jews, Paul had a heart and passion for non-Jewish people. Many Roman Christians were Gentiles, and Paul felt a special urgency toward them. He also saw himself as a priest of the gospel. In the Old Testament, priests spoke on God’s behalf. They shared His words with His people. Paul saw his responsibility in a similar way. He proclaimed God’s truths to others. But priests also presented offerings, and Paul embraced that metaphor. He wanted to present as many Gentile believers as possible to God as an acceptable offering.


How did Paul’s understanding of his ministry follow Jesus’ commission in Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8?


How would you describe your ministry?

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