God has given us the exciting privilege and responsibility to GO for Him. This starts in our neighborhoods, moves outward to all over Pulaski County, the U.S., and throughout the world. Our goal is to make a difference in people's lives, build long-term relationships and partnerships, and share the Gospel with everyone, everywhere. We are establishing relationships locally, nationally, and internationally that we are committed to serving with through prayer, resources, service projects, and mission trips.


Annie Armstrong Easter Offering 

Across North America there are 366 million people. It’s a daunting challenge to reach such a diverse mission field of cultures, languages and religions. Add the uncertainty of a pandemic and you begin to realize the challenges faced by your North American missionaries. Against all odds, they continue to move forward in their gospel mission and see lives transformed.
This week, you will read unique stories of missionaries from British Columbia, Louisiana, Massachusetts and beyond who are persevering to plant churches and meet tangible needs. These missionaries represent thousands more who are fueled by your prayers and sacrificial giving.

Click HERE to download a digital copy of the 2021 Prayer Guide for North American Missions