About the Prayer Teams

What is a “One of Three” Prayer Team?

It is a group of three believers committed to praying together on a regular basis.


What is the focus of a “One of Three” Prayer Team?

The One of Three Prayer Team will put into action the things we have learned through the study Battle Plan for Prayer. It will provide a context for following through with a powerful prayer conversation with the Lord.  It will provide a measure of accountability for those participating.  It will encourage specific prayer and give opportunity to report how God answers those prayers.


Was participating in the Battle Plan for Prayer small group study a prerequisite for being a part of a “One of Three” Prayer Team?

No.  However, you will receive a packet of material that will include information from the Battle Plan for Prayer study.  We believe this material will be helpful to you as you develop a relationship with your prayer partners. 

What will the “One of Three” Prayer Teams pray about?

The team members naturally pray for each other.  Each team member should pray for the spiritual growth, encouragement, and strength of the other members.  Specific needs from our church body will be shared with each team.  Teams will be encouraged to pray for specific people who are lost.  The make-up of each team will also bring numerous things to the surface to focus on.


When will the “One of Three” Prayer Teams meet?

While we suggest each team meet weekly for around thirty minutes we want this to be a flexible opportunity.  There may be times when getting together is not possible.  Teams may want to set a time of the week when all will pray even if not together.  Staying in contact should be relatively simple given the social media outlets available although private communication is certainly recommended. The point is to build relationships that provide support.


How can I sign up to be a part of a “One of Three” Prayer Team?

There will be a sign-up sheet available this evening and then again over the next couple of Sunday mornings.  We would like to have one member of each team act as the team leader. 


Are there any resources available to help the teams get started?

Yes.  A packet of resource material will be available to each team member.  The resource packet will contain material drawn from the Battle Plan for Prayer study as well as the sermon outlines from the pastor’s messages related to the prayer study.

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